about us

Who are we? We're three siblings who love movies, love writing, love acting, and who love to laugh. What else could we do but start putting together movies for our friends to enjoy? So sometime in 2007 we began our "career" in making people laugh. And that is something we continue to do.


Hannah is an almost high school graduate with a love for both writing and videography. Her passion for photography lead her to discover filming, while her novel writing inspired her to start working on scripts. In her spare time, Hannah loves doing graphic design (she has her own business here), photography, watching movies, writing, sewing, and listening to Owl City.

actress.makeup artist

Maria is in 10th grade and has always loved acting. From a dramatic three-year-old to an artistic 15-year-old, she has been very interested in the world of acting. She often reenacts movie scenes for fun, and loves playing up the drama queen/beauty. Maria is our unofficial makeup artist and clothes-picker. ;) We rely on her fashion taste. In her spare time Maria loves to sing, draw, watch movies, and listen to Owl City.


Micaiah is in 7th grade and is 12 years old. (Even though he towers above his sisters!) Micaiah has always been our literary/drama man - listening to tapes and CDs ever since he was two years old. And he loves to read books...that started at a young age too. Micaiah is one of our actors, helps write the scripts, and sometimes films when Hannah needs some assistance. ;) In his spare time Micaiah loves reading, writing, watching movies, making swords, animating movies, and listening to Owl City.